Fighter Wing JG-73 Airport Rostock Laage - ETNL
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Fighter Wing JG-73 "Steinhoff" is all the pilots who fly to Germany for the Eurofighter, this weapon out. It is in Laage, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Rostock, and was stationed with the decommissioning of the MiG-29 was the first Air Force Association from April 2004 with the EUROFIGHTER equipped. Here are the bases for air operations with the most modern weapons of the Air Force has been created. The main task of Fighter Wing 73 "Steinhoff" is the training of all EUROFIGHTER Air Force pilots. In addition to pilot training, the squadron takes over when needed In addition, next to the Fighter Wing 71 "R" and Jagdgeschwader 74, the safeguarding of German airspace.

In addition, the Fighter Wing JG-73 "Steinhoff" on demand along with the other two fighter units (JG 71 "R" in Wittmund / Ostfriesland and JG 74 in Neuburg / Donau) in Germany for the safeguarding of German airspace and thus responsible perceives-by-case assignment lufthoheitliche tasks. The so-called "Air Policing" involves the ability to provide an alarm gang, which in a short time at the direction of a NATO command post can be used. Until the introduction of EUROFIGHTER Jagdgeschwader was 73 as the only squadron of the West German Air Force aircraft Soviet-type MIG-29, which were adopted in 1990 by the National People's Army of the GDR, furnished.

In addition, the airfield is also used civilians, so there were not only military but also many civilian aircraft observed. From ultralight aircraft such as the MCR 01, over-the-art Airbus up to Hightechjet EUROFIGHTER, F-4 Phantom and TORNADO is at this airport all represented. In addition, visitors have access to the observation deck there aerodrome traffic monitor very well. >> to shop ...

Product features:

This package contains a mixture of 3 types of aircraft that are / were station(ed) at Fighter Squadron 73rd. In all planes containing only Bundeswehr / Fighter Wing 73 - paintings. All paintings are created from scratch and now have a resolution of 2048 * 1024 pixels. This package has the following paintings:

EUROFIGHTER with IDs: 30 + 14 / 30 + 47 / 30 + 49 / 30 + 14 / 30 + 09 / 30 + 11 / 30 + 27 / 31 + 14 and 30 + 20 in special paint "50 years JG 73 & 5 years EUROFIGHTER"

MiG-29 with IDs: 29 + 06 / 29 + 07 / 29 + 03

F-4F Phantom at ID: 37 + 41 / 37 + 43 / 37 + 01 / 38 + 02 / 38 + 22 / 38 + 00

Furthermore, there is the latest version of the airfield Fighter Wing JG-73 "Steinhoff" in the package. This version has new taxiways, which were built only recently in real time. In addition, it includes a new radar and new buildings. >> to shop ...

Screenshots EUROFIGHTER of the JG-73 ⇓

MiG-29 overhead airfield JG - 73 ⇓

F-4F Phantom of the JG - 73 ⇓

EUROFIGHTER with tractor on the military airfield JG-73 ⇓

Other features of the Fighter Wing JG-73 package:

  • New AI
  • Traffic Radar in the EUROFIGHTER model
  • Formation flight with the aircraft containing
  • External load suspension with IRIS-T and auxiliary tanks
  • Tug model with MAN tractor and towbar
  • New more advanced flight dynamic
  • Simulation of the 35,000 hp burly EJ200 engines
  • Animation of the duck wing (canard wings) with the typical flutter movements
  • High resolution textures
  • Reflective surfaces and night effects
  • MiG-29 with a new sound package
  • Detailed Foreign and Indoor Model including animated virtual cockpit
  • Light for cockpit, strobe, navigation and landing lights and light stripes formation
  • Avionics for radio navigation system with autopilot
  • Extensive lighting effects (such as navigation and landing lights)
  • Animation of all control valves (eg, air brakes and spoilers)
  • When Autotrimmung EUROFIGHTER
  • Auftankvorrichtung to-air refueling during EUROFIGHTER
  • Engine animation and authentic Nachbrennereffekte
  • Detailed landing gear, rolling wheels when you start in formation
  • Tailhook in the Eurofighter and the F-4F Phantom
  • Detailed instructions for all 3 models and the Fighter Plane
  • Static movement of the Eurofighter, F-4F Phantom, and the MIG-29
  • Authentic replica of the airbase of the Bundeswehr: Fighter Wing JG-73 "Steinhoff"
  • New Eurofightersheltern, roads, tree lines
  • New hangars of civilian and military units
  • "Fighter Wing 73" translate in German "Jagdgeschwader 73", short JG-73
  • Airfield Laage - ID: ETNL
  • And much more ...
  • Fighter Wing JG-73 Airport Rostock Laage - ETNL
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Included cockpit displays:

  • AI - Traffic radar sites in EUROFIGHTER
  • Panels provide the nostalgia of real fighters
  • Various switches for engine control and function
  • Manual Trimschalter trims as the F-4F Phantom and Mig-29
  • 3 MFDs with about 30 different functions during EUROFIGHTER
  • Hooks, FUEL Drobe switch, gear lever, light, and engine control switch
  • Instrument Flight Display, 2 TO, 1 ADF indicator and 2 DMS
  • Complex GPS Page, Mappage, Navigationsmoduspage
  • OMI Lights, engine and hydraulic monitoring pages, STORE & FUEL Pages
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AFS-design: scenery airport Rostock-Laage in Germany ( ETNL )

Modern, service-orientated, professional - that’s how passengers and visitors see the airport in Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania.

Quality and customer care are matters of course for 60 airport employees. Day after day they’re mastering their complex work flows (almost) with perfection. Every business section of the airport like ground traffic service, passage, or traffic control is subject to a permanent quality management following Lufthansa standards. Not least it’s due to the German Air Force that the airport meets international standards.

Rostock-Laage is a popular airport. Both business travellers and tourists appreciate the individual atmosphere and the extensive service which is improved every day.
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Screenshots airport Rostock-Laage ⇓

The Airport Rostock - Laage ( ETNL ) product features:

  • New: tower & hanger,
  •    which only 2009 were built on the real airport
  • NEW too: forest
  • Static display of Eurofighter,
  •    ec Tiger and Airbus A380
       and NEW: Mig 29 "Fulcrum" & PANAVIA TORNADO
  • Accurate simulation of Fliegerhorst German
  •    Bundeswehr: " Jagdgeschwader 73 Steinhof "
  • 1600 authentic objects
  • With shelter for the Eurofighters, forest, streets,
  •    hangars for civils and military air traffic
  • New airport terminal and many more
  • Included in package: "Fighter Wing 73"
  • Fighter Wing JG-73 Airport Rostock Laage - ETNL
  • download FSX, FS2004, Flight Simulator
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